Looking for a nurturing place for your child to make friends?

Need a few hours of childcare a month?

Hoping to get to know other Arlington moms?

Interested in a preschool readiness program for your toddler?

The Lee Center Cooperative Playgroup is an affordable, licensed toddler program.

  • There are 6 playgroups which meet once or twice a week for 2 hours
  • The 2 hours are divided into free play, snack, circle time, craft, and playground/gym
  • These licensed playgroups are formed by 12 children ages 1-4
  • The co-op is fully parent-run and there are no paid staff or teachers
  • Parents work 1/3 of the total session days (for example 4 out of 12 playgroup days)
  • Parents have the option to drop off their child on days they don’t work
  • Playgroups are not preschools, and are designed to provide children with their first group experience outside the home
  • Tuition for each 12-week term is:
    • $25 for one day students
    • $40 for two day students
Please contact LCCP
for more information or fill out an application to enroll your child.